• Medical Practice Automation Associates (MPAA) offers software applications and services for healthcare with one thing in common—increasing profitability.  All of MPAA’s applications or services, either reduce costs or increase revenue.  Founded by certified experts with hands-on experience managing medical and healthcare practices coupled with an extensive record of success with digitized health information systems, MPAA understands your needs...and your budget.

  • MPAA helps manage population health in a much more efficient manner.  For example, our Guardian mHealth Platform monitors chronically ill patients at home 10 times more efficiently, and reduces hospital re-admissions.  Our clinical data abstraction and remote indexing services are done off site so medical staff can focus only on patient care.  MPAA’s Access Center and Nurse Call center let you outsource patient appointment scheduling or monitoring as needed.



The MPAA Group provides meaningful advice on meaningful use—defined by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to support eligible professionals to implement and use Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR). Simply put, meaningful use demonstrates that you are using certified EHR technology in measureable ways for quality and quantity to improve patient care and provider productivity. If you qualify for meaningful use, you are eligible for bonus incentives.
Not sure how to do that? With a demonstrable track record in designing and implementing EHR systems for a range of medical and healthcare practices, we can share out expertise in the proper approaches to achieve correct integration, electronic data entry and various other aspects of an effective electronic records management system.
Whether you decide to employ an MPAA solution, or just want our advice on your electronic recordkeeping practices, we’re here to help you in any way we can. We provide meaningful advice that gets meaningful results.