Why Choose Us

Converting your existing recordkeeping system into a fully compliant EHR (Electronic Health Records) system is a daunting task. MPAA Group combines extensive information technology experience with first-hand knowledge of how a healthcare practice needs to function.  The results of an MPAA custom-designed solution can include:


  • Better clinical management with easy retrieval of patient data.
  • More efficient workflows that improve patient care and enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Increased clinician and administrative staff productivity.
  • Confidence in a seamless, secure solution that allows you to concentrate on providing the best clinical care knowing patient charts and other recordkeeping tasks are completely in synch, fully compliant, totally accurate and accessible.
  • Reduced expenses with improved clinical data management.
  • Easy-to-navigate and reliable indexing process.
  • Elimination of backlogs and unprocessed documentation.
  • Assurance that MU (Meaningful Use) requirements are met.


MPAA Group—Employing the latest technologies to cost-effectively improve your office efficiency and patient care quality.