MPAA Announces Licensing of DocView mHealth Solutions Technology

MPAA Announces Licensing of DocView mHealth Solutions Technology

Unique, Simple and Easy Patient Monitoring Between Office Visits

 (Cherry Hill, N.J. November 2, 2016) Medical Practice Automation Associates (MPAA) Group, a healthcare practice management and consulting firm, has licensed DocView mHealth technology a unique, proprietary medical monitoring solution that creates a two-way communication with registered nurses and at-home patients.

A set of disease specific questions are answered by the patient and a report sent to the care team at an MPAA call center. The entire process generally takes less than one minute of a patient’s time. Reporting requires no phone contact and can be done anywhere at the convenience of the patient. A text message reminder is sent if the patient forgets to respond to the questionnaire.

Responses within normal range are coded green; responses out of normal range or that indicate need for intervention are coded red, and an alert is immediately sent to an MPAA call center Registered Nurse to resolve the issue and instruct the patient on corrective measures. Patients are more immediately involved in their own care, while lessening the need for on-site nurse or caregiver visits or even emergency hospital visits that can be quickly and properly resolved remotely via texting or calling from an MPAA nurse.

The software efficiently focuses only on those patients that self-report their escalating or changing health risks. In contrast to the traditional method of periodically calling patients to just ‘see how they are doing,’ this is a much more efficient use of time and resources that also provides higher-quality, more immediate patient care. “The synergy of the two is exciting. We are thrilled to license our technology to MPAA as DocView mHealth technology is a perfect compliment to their existing software line,” says DocView’s Chairman, Richard Schwartz.

“MPAA plans to make significant changes to expand the software to enable it to monitor a broad spectrum of chronic diseases, says CTO,” Tom Merkh.

The MPAA Group offers specialized software applications, call centers and services to improve healthcare provider profitability. MPAA designed solutions better manage documents and record keeping to help staff put their primary focus on providing patient care with less time completing forms and reports. For more information, visit our website at and request general information at or call 856-672-5200.  

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