MPAA Group Launches Enhanced Website

Cherry Hill, NJ Company:

MPAA Group Launches Enhanced Website...
Videos Explain How MPAA Solutions
Benefit Healthcare Practice Profitability and Patient Care

(Cherry Hill, NJ. October 27, 2016) Medical Practice Automation Associates (MPAA),
Group, a healthcare practice management and electronic records systems solutions provider and consulting firm, launches a new, easy-to-navigate website ( featuring an expanded line of services and software.

The website features a series of short videos that detail the full range of MPAA software packages, call center and consultation mpaa-newsiteservices customized to the reporting and operational needs of medical and healthcare providers. These include cloud-based document management, data abstraction, data migration, records scanning, centralized remote indexing, remote patient administration and Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) compliance.

“MPAA listens to our clients to determine their needs and the benefits we can offer them,” says CEO Greg Westerbeck. “We’re particularly excited about the videos. These short comprehensive presentations highlight how we help healthcare providers lower overhead, improve productivity and better serve patients. This is how people increasingly do research on the web these days, looking at videos. An example of how MPAA works with clients to provide them something easy-to-use, but that is still powerfully effective.

“The visually striking website provides comprehensive descriptions of all our capabilities in easily accessible formats, adds Tom Merkh, chief technology officer and company co-founder. “With a simple click, you can get a complete overview of how we can help a healthcare practice economize its operations and improve service delivery.”

He adds, “Our website is emblematic of how we work with clients—direct, to the point, with all the details needed to make the best decisions and achieve the best outcomes.”

The MPAA Group offers specialized software applications, call centers and services to improve healthcare provider profitability. MPAA designed solutions better manage documents and recordkeeping to help staff put their primary focus on providing patient care with less time completing forms and reports. For more information, visit our website at and request general information at or call 856-672-5200.

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