Document Management

Our document management system administers all data gathered and processed within an organization. This includes filing and storing patient charts and scanning medical data securely, as well as providing verification of both clinical and non-clinical data (e.g., contracts).

At the heart of the MPAA's document management system is EMR-Charts—a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SAAS) document/ medical record storage system that can generate and document medical records. EMR-Charts can work both as a standalone electronic medical records system, or easily integrate with an existing EMR.

EMR Charts features:

  • Accurate and secure 24/7 data retrieval.
  • Easy-to-use records management access via web-based browser.
  • High quality document imaging.
  • Customized patient forms.

See exactly how EMR-Charts can reduce the expense and hassle of  document management for your practice.


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