Access Center

Advance and improve your healthcare business. Meet today’s medical reporting and recordkeeping requirements with automated technologies designed for tomorrow. MPAA Group solutions digitize your health information systems and take the headache and cost out of tedious recordkeeping and reporting tasks.

On-budget. Implemented within your timelines. Fit to your particular needs and objectives.

MPAA access center services do all your patient administrative work.  Remotely. More efficiently. With extra handling care.

You won’t see us doing the work. You will see the results.

More efficient, less expensive:

•    Patient Support
•    Scheduling
•    Prescriptions
•    Billing and Collections
•    Technical Support

Your patients have a single number to call to get whatever it is they need. Answer a question. Schedule an appoint. Pay a bill.

Nothing creates frustration like waiting on hold, listening to inane music or voice prompts. When patients call an MPAA access center, they talk to real human being within one minute. And they get what they need.

Any questions they have, we can answer. Our access personnel are professionals trained not only to provide excellent customer service, but to take care of your patients as you would...considerately, confidently and attentively. These aren’t just people who answer phones—they are trained specialists with extensive background in the medical and healthcare fields.  They know your business, because you are our business.

MPAA access specialists are an extension of your practice, just as if they were working in an office next door to you. In fact, your patients won’t have any idea they are talking to someone who isn’t physically in your office.

The only disappointment they may have is that when the do come to visit your office, the friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful person they’ve spoken with isn’t there to talk to.

The person who answers you calls is critical to creating an impression of competency and caring. MPAA access specialists provide such critical care.

At less cost than if you were to hire and train someone to work in your office.

Think of us as a healthcare concierge service—dedicated to improving the experience of your patients.

Designed to improve your reporting, improve your patient care, improve your bottom line.
To date, the MPPA Group has processed over two million patient records for our clients. MPAA—providing technologies that improve patient care and practice productivity.