Centralized Remote Indexing

Advance and improve your healthcare business. Meet today’s medical reporting requirements with automated technologies designed for tomorrow. MPAA’s professional solutions helps your practice operate more efficiently.

On-budget. Implemented within your timelines. Fit to your particular needs and objectives.

Designed to improve your reporting, improve your patient care, and improve your bottom line.

Struggling with the daily drudgery of indexing documents?

Have a backlog of documents that need to be indexed that you need to get to, but priority goes to doing all those things that directly involve patient care?

Just feeling overwhelmed by the whole prospect?

We’ve got a prescription for this kind of headache—an MPAA automated solution that sets up a remote hub to automatically index your records directly into your electronic medical record system. It’ll save you time, money and aggravation.

Remote indexing of your records by MPAA eliminates the hassle and distraction of doing this process.  Not to mention lost productivity from having to allocated valuable resources away from providing care towards converting records.

MPAA employs full credentialed medical staff who are not only coding and compliance professionals, but hold nursing degrees or other certifications related to the medical field. This is important because, as you know, medical records are complex, requiring knowledgeable people to enter appropriate codes in the necessary fields. Failure to correctly code can result in lost reimbursement. Worse, it can affect the quality of patient care.

Scanning and indexing patient related documents into an EMR is a time-consuming, laborious process. Traditional indexing takes on average almost 90 seconds per document. Consider that the average daily number of new documents for a provider is about 54.

We can index the same document in half the time. The fact that we can do more records in less time decreases your costs and increases your productivity. Better yet, your staff isn’t distracted from their core responsibilities to do it.

That’s not what you got into the healthcare business to do. It is what MPAA got into business to do.

We offer cost-effective remote indexing solutions that streamlines the document management process for you.

Here’s how we do it:

•    We stay out of your way. You don’t need someone rummaging around your office for records disrupting your workflows. That’s why we do it remotely. Out of your way.
•    FAXes and other Documents are routed directly to MPAA’s HIPAA compliant platform, where our expert coders can quickly process the documents and import them securely into your EMR.
•    MPAA facilities are HIPAA and HITECH compliant. No need to worry about security.
•    All indexed records are reviewed by highly trained quality control experts. Our QC process ensures the accuracy and consistency of your records.

You can stay focused on providing the best care to your patients, while MPAA takes on the responsibility of indexing your records for you.  At the same provide a greener footprint by deceasing toner and paper usage.

Designed to improve your reporting, improve your patient care, improve your bottom line.
To date, the MPPA Group has processed over two million patient records for our clients. MPAA—providing technologies that improve patient care and practice productivity.