Medical Data Abstraction

Advance and improve your healthcare business. Meet today’s medical reporting and record keeping requirements with automated technologies designed for tomorrow. MPAA Group solutions digitize your health information systems and take the headache and cost out of tedious recordkeeping and reporting tasks.

On-budget. Implemented within your timelines. Fit to your particular needs and objectives.

Designed to improve your reporting, improve your patient care, improve your bottom line.

Implementing a new electronic medical record system?

It’s quite an undertaking. Once you’ve got all the patient chart data transferred from multiple paper and digital sources and everything is finally keyed in, it’s going to greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of your medical office. Making appointments that make the best use of your time and your patients, as well as maintaining patient records that are quickly accessible and easily updated, improves your office productivity. And your patients will appreciate how much smoother appointment are handled.

Until that happens, though, you’re going to consider it a major pain. What can really hurt you and your patients is the need to take fewer appointments so your office staff can devote time to sorting through records to find the data to enter.

How much time. Consider that it takes as much as 20 minutes to abstract data from paper records to an electronic system, that’s a lot of time. Patients get frustrated when they have to wait for an appointment on a reduced schedule. Your business loses money because you aren’t seeing as many patients as you could during the week.

And because you can’t devote full-time attention to converting to an electronic medical record system, it’s taking you that much longer to implement something that will eventually benefit everyone.  Whenever that eventually happens...

That needn’t be the case. MPAA has highly trained medical personnel who can abstract all your  discrete medical data into a safe, easy-to-use and completely searchable electronic medical record system that is completely customized to your needs.

Examples of standard discrete medical data abstracted include patient records for:

  • Allergies
  • Immunization History
  • Medications
  • Past Medical Surgery and Surgical Information
  • Family History
  • Social History

And you won’t even notice we’re doing all this. Because we’re doing it all remotely. Out of your way. So you can focus on providing the best quality healthcare service, and not worry about the time-consuming and tedious task of data-entry and records management. There’s nothing to think about, really—MPAA gets it done with trained talent using top-of-the-line technology to assure accurate processing.

Thanks to MPAA, all your appropriate data for patient records are pre-populated and easily searchable prior to seeing a patient. This saves you time and money.  And prevents a lot of unnecessary stress on your office operations.

MPAA can also provide custom case report templates based on the requirements of your healthcare practice. We care for your records as you care for your patients—with complete accountability and utmost dedication.

Any MPAA performed medical data abstraction for your electronic medical records employs the highest quality data gathering tools with the most secure systems. It makes your office more efficient, unleashing more productive time and energy to concentrate on your patients and their care.

It’s the leading prescription for success to improve your workflows with absolute integrity.

To date, the MPPA Group has processed over two million patient records for our clients. MPAA—providing technologies that improve patient care and practice productivity.