MPAA Technology

MPAA Group solutions result in better document management systems that mean better healthcare service to patients. MPAA implements seamless solutions for medical practices and healthcare organizations with different technologies to transform medical data and health information records into better, more organized and efficient systems.

While every solution is unique and customized to the needs of the individual healthcare practice, MPAA Group also employs its own unique technologies to help achieve your goals for more cost-efficient recordkeeping.  These include:


EMR Charts

EMR Charts provides 24/7, anytime, anywhere access to medical records. Key features include:

  • Highly secure password-protected and fully encrypted to fully protect confidential information.
  • Cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) provides easy-to-navigate online access via web browser using any Internet-connected computer—no special (and expensive) hardware required.
  • Converts existing records into compatible readable formats to easily integrate old records with new ones.


Remote Indexing

A medical practice produces on average  60 to 80 documents a day. An office staff would take 47 seconds to scan a document using a typical document scanning software and index it into and EMR system. This costs around $.40 per document. In a year, you are already looking at a $14,000 expenditure without figuring in other associated labor and training expenses.

Go digital—do more in less time to get your paper records online smoothly with reduced labor costs. Here’s how your practice stands to benefit from day forward scanning from the MPAA Group:

  • Automatic errorless indexing of documents directly into EMR system; fully compatible with any EMR system.
  • Reduce labor costs by as much as 50 percent; fully-trained MPAA Group specialists take on average 26 seconds to scan and index a typical document.
  • Eliminate hassle of time consuming and expensive paper recordkeeping.
  • Improve “green” footprint by replacing paper with digital records.
  • Ability to capture non-standard sized documents.
  • No software or user fees.

Easy online access to scanned documents.