Data Migration


As your organization grows, so too do your records and files—these can be Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), tax and other accounting forms as well as a range of business documents. To keep everything properly organized for easy access, you need a reliable data migration services need the MPAA Group.

Data migration is the process of converting handwritten documents into electronic records and then formatting it to become HIPAA compliant. This saves considerable time otherwise devoted to manually encoding patient records into an EMR or EHR system.

The MPAA Group provides the ultimate solution for a manageable and scalable filing system that is HIPAA compliant to protect patient privacy and conform to federal regulations. We develop sustainable IT systems that integrate our software (we advise you to acquire your own EMR or EHR system to ensure protection of proprietary information) to help clients achieve return of investments without spending a fortune on operational costs.

A recent Gartner report shows that at least 80 percent of companies that subscribed to a data migration service did not achieve desired results. This is because EMR or EHR files do not have a specific format. Some small pieces of data are either lost, improperly encoded, or simply remain useless when these are transferred into the migration system.

To alleviate this problem, the MPAA Group offers data migration services customized to how you  perform, check, and encode patient information into your EMR or EHR system. This eliminates the risk of missing data while maintaining HIPAA compliance and achieving such key goals as:

  • Reduce overhead operating costs associated with health aides, paper and printer.
  • Remove office clutter while maintaining intact patient records.
  • Protect confidentiality and proprietary records.
  • Ensure information remains easily accessible, today and for years to come.
  • Provide a low-cost alternative to domestic file scanning.

The MPAA Group partners with you to determine best options based on available resources. We work hand in hand with you to build a flexible system that allows for a fast and accurate document migration processes.