Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)

Advance and improve your healthcare business. Meet today’s medical reporting and recordkeeping requirements with automated technologies designed for tomorrow. MPAA Group solutions digitize your health information systems and take the headache and cost out of tedious recordkeeping and reporting tasks.

On-budget. Implemented within your timelines. Fit to your particular needs and objectives.

Designed to improve your reporting, improve your patient care, improve your bottom line.

And, in the case of the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), keep you in compliance.

Because if you aren’t in compliance, you could be assessed a penalty. Plus you lose the opportunity to earn a bonus.

PQRS was implemented to encourage reporting on specific quality measurements. Amazingly, over 40 percent of eligible providers did not submit PQRS data according to the latest available data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). These providers lost 1.5 percent in total reimbursements.

Some providers feel the hassle of compliance outweighs the monetary gain. That it costs more in time and lost productivity than lost reimbursement or potential penalty.

And that PQRS is just so complex it’s overwhelming.

It needn’t be.

Keep in mind that manual-based submission of individual claims to PQRS is expected to be phased out. Like it or not, you’ll need an automated system to submit to PQRS.

MPAA can help you comply with PQRS reporting requirements by adapting your clinical data workflows as part of a cost-efficient electronic medical records system.

You can more efficiently and productively satisfy PQRS requirements. You’ll qualify for bonus compensation and avoid penalties. You’ll obtain quantifiable data on how well your practice is meeting a particular quality metric and take appropriate action.

You’ll improve your bottom line and the quality of your patient care. Not just for the purpose of PQRS...but for how your entire practice functions on a day-to-day basis.

Each practice is different and each practice has different levels of automation in place. MPAA works with you to provide a best case solution consistent with your individual needs.
In general, though, the benefits of an MPAA designed solution include:

•    Choose the measures to document and submit automatically to CMS.
•    Eliminate need to complete lengthy and time-consuming PQRS compliance form. The pertinent data is built into your documentation process.
•    Automatic “fact-checking.” Enter something incorrectly or in the wrong field? The system detects it automatically and flags it for correction.
•    Training and on-going education of your staff to meet reporting requirements and ensure compliance.

Keep in mind that PQRS standards are continually changing. MPAA makes sure your records and reporting systems are completely current as requirements evolve. In other words, the system you implement in your practice today is the system you’ll use tomorrow.

To date, the MPPA Group has processed over two million patient records for our clients. MPAA—providing technologies that improve patient care and practice productivity.